Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Renovation of my 1965 Aloha vintage camper

Saturday, I traveled an hour and a half to look at a 1965 Aloha vintage camper.  The seller had sent me pictures, and it looked real good, so we headed out.

The camper had some water damage, but looked better than any others we had seen, so I gave a deposit and made plans to go back and pick it up yesterday since my Jeep was in the shop. 

Last night, we bought the camper home. 
Looks pretty good huh? 

Well, with the sun shining just right (or wrong), it showed more water damage than we had seen at the first visit.  Too late to back out.  It's mine. 

Got up this morning and got to work!

Tear out the old and get ready for the new.  

Then the painting began.  
The hunter green had to go.  
I had chosen a light turquoise, but when I starting painting it, it was way too pale to be near the white.  I needed more contrast.  So, I took it back to the hardware store and they added some blue and black, but then it was like a royal blue, so I had them add some green.  Perfect.  
As for the paint, I am using Benjamin Moore exterior gloss and rolling it with 1/4" nap. 
I'm not a professional and don't try to make it look that way.  
Just want a fun camper to spend some time with the Sisters on the Fly. 
(I'm Sister #6249)

Tomorrow we rip more rotted wall out and start replacing with good wood.  
The fun has begun!   

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