Monday, June 16, 2014

Wool applique and Vintage Campers~

Well, I did real good posting for a while, then I get busy and get away from it again.
 I'm trying my best (sometimes) to get some crafting done, but with my new job
 it's getting harder to find time.  

 I've been working on some wool cats for probably a couple weeks and finally tonight I started stuffing them.

I'm working at a campground now and it's the perfect fit for me.  I get to meet people from all over the USA and other countries, plus I get to do the retail and the computer.  Perfect fit.  

I especially have a fondness for vintage campers, so I always make sure to visit those guests and check out their campers.  

This is a vintage Airstream that an Amish couple was camping in.  They are on a 2 month long road trip!
This one is a 1968 bus converted into a fully equipped RV.  
It gets about 10 mpg which is only about 8 mpg less than my 4 cylinder PT Cruiser!  Something's not right there.  I think Chrysler needs to improve the mpg!

I've decided I want to be a workamper in my golden years.  First I need to get some other things in order and then find the perfect vintage camper that's perfect for me.  I've got a few years to go, so I have plenty of time to decide exactly what I want.