Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carvings and Mischief Night!

Last night my son and I went to a community event about 15 minutes from our home.  The community of Celo, NC.  Celo is known for it's fantastic artists and this weekend, they got to show their talent in carving pumpkins.  After the pumpkins were carved, they were lined up on the walls of a bridge and lit with tea light candles.  What an awesome sight! 

Some people were staying in their car and riding across the bridge slowly.  We got out and walked and I would say that's the only way to see them! 

After seeing the pumpkins, we walked up to the Celo Community Center and had some yummy chicken chili!  After getting our tummys full and warmed up, we went back out to the bridge and took some photos of our favorite pumpkin carvings.   Some are creepy and scary.  They are not my favorites because of the subject matter, but because of the talent in the carvings.  My favorite was the wolves howling at the moon.

My brother and his family were here visiting this weekend from Georgia, so after we went to Celo, we went to my parents house to spend time with the family. On our way home, we immediately noticed a noise that sounded like a stick in the wheel. It ended up being a plastic tie that my sweet, sweet nephews had put on our car! 
Keep in mind that in the last couple weeks, I've spent about $500 on car repairs, so it was not a pleasant feeling when I heard my car making "another" noise! I "thought" that was it for mischief night this year.

Then this morning, I saw my front yard. Some kind soul decided I needed to show some support to the local politicians. In the form of 12 signs in my front yard! Both parties were represented. I've gathered up the signs and tomorrow I'll drop them off at the party headquarter offices.
Hopefully, the "fun" is over for the year.  At least it was all harmless.  :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stitchery & Punchneedle patterns!

I'm now selling my patterns on The Pattern Cupboard.  I got lots on there, but there will be more coming.  I have to take more photos and it may be awhile before that gets done since the finished stitcheries are in a shop.  I'll get that done asap!

In the meantime, if you're looking for stitchery or punchneedle patterns, click HERE~

have fun shopping~

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big shows are over!

I've finished my outdoor shows for the year and am so happy to pack away the tent and tables till next spring.  If you do craft shows, you know the feeling of relief. :) 
I will be doing a Christmas Ornament show in Burnsville, NC on Nov. 20th, but it is inside and tables are provided.  What a blessing!
Here's some photos of my booth set-ups at various shows I did this year.  I love meeting all the new customers, and in Erwin, TN, I got to meet some new primitive crafters! 

The lady next to me this past weekend told her husband as they were packing up, that her tables were "going to bed until May".  What a happy thought!

Hope to see you at the Ornament Show on November 20th!  I'll be making lots of stitchery ornaments that will be a special price of only $5 each!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is where I'll be this weekend!

Saturday, October 16, 2010
10am - 5pm
Downtown Waynesville

During the last 21 years, the Apple Harvest Festival has grown to a premier one-day celebration in the charming historic mountain town of Waynesville.

With more than 125 exhibitors and 25,000 people expected, we will gather for a glorious day of color to celebrate the fall harvest. Enjoy a backdrop of the picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina as you celebrate everything apples.

Handmade crafts, local food and continuous live entertainment will delight even the most seasoned visitor during this annual celebration. Entertainment will include local mountain music, cloggers and the occasional character!

Take home a peck of locally grown apples from the county apple growers association.

The Children's Play Area will feature the latest and greatest . Activities, games, and more will be provided. the 21st Annual Apple Harvest Festival featured the Waynesville Police Department ident-a-kid program and the Waynesville Fire Department fire safety demonstrations.  (text and graphic copied from the Haywood County website.  Hope it's ok??)

This show is always a bitter/sweet one for me.  Three years ago, my oldest brother died of cancer the day I did this show.  He was in PA in the hospital and I was down here in NC.  He passed away at the same time that I was packing up my booth to go home.  So, it will forever remind me of that sad day.  On the positive side, I sold 47 stitcheries that day.  Making it a bitter/sweet memory.

My booth this year will be kind of in front of Mast General Store.  Booth #16 c&d.   My friend Joy Bennett from The Lace Toadstool will be selling her handbuilt pottery that she makes in her home studio and then presses antique lace into for fabulous, unique pottery treasures.  Come see us~we've got a double booth!
And, another friend of mine will be selling her handmade soy candles, soaps and lotions!  Martha Young from My Father's Light.  I don't know her booth number, but if you start smelling something good (other than the kettle korn), it just might be her booth!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More patterns listed on ebay!

I have a total of 17 penny rug patterns listed on ebay right now!!!  Yes, I have a serious pattern addiction problem, but I must part with them.  I won't be making anymore penny rugs, so they must go.  All auctions have a .99 cent starting price and combined shipping offered at only .25 cents for each additional pattern!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Penny Rug patterns for sale!

I just listed a bunch of penny rug and ornament patterns on ebay.  I'll be listing more in a few days.  Gotta thin out the pattern collection and I have a large pile that I'll be selling, so get your bids in!

Show Schedule now on blog!

I've added my show schedule to my blog.  (button on right sidebar)  Come see me if you're at any of the shows I'm doing!