Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long lost blogger has returned...for a bit

Long lost blogger has returned!  Not sure how much I'll update this, but I'm back for a bit. 

The big news is that I've moved from NC to Strasburg, PA which is in the middle of Amish Country in Lancaster County!   I am loving it here.  Feels like I'm in primitive hog heaven!  My goal is to live in Lititz, PA very soon, but for now, we're happy here in Strasburg.  I can see the Creamery from my front step!

Now, I've tried out changing my business name....again.  I'm just a wishy-washy woman.  :)
Since I've kind of moved "back home" to PA where I was born and raised, I decided on "HomePlace Gatherings".  Does it hurt your online business to change the name? 

I'm not selling so much in outhouses anymore, so I'm not sure if the old name still fits.  Don't want to be misleading. 

I have ventured into the stencil cutting business, but haven't gotten it all set up online yet.  I can do custom stencils, and custom finished signs by making a stencil customized for your sign.  Orders are welcome and prices are very fair! 

Well, I'm off to the Lititz Craft Show for the first time EVER!  I'm on the waiting list for a spot and hoping I'm in it next year.  Under a shade tree in Lititz Springs Park, NOT out in the hot sun on Broad St.  :)

have a blessed one and maybe I'll be back soon to chat some more.......

Opinions on changing business name are welcome!