Friday, October 28, 2011

Painting pattern books For Sale...$3.00 each

Painting pattern books For Sale...$3.00 each plus shipping. Piney Creek Primitives by Debbie Forgac, (Primitive Pineapple, Gathering Seasons, Farmhouse Gatherings). John Sliney (Along the Roads of Time, Back Roads of New England). Jan Coffey, (Coffey House Collection Vol. 1, Vol. 2). Terrye French& Debbie Richey (Paintin Thrift Shop Treasures). Terrye French Designs (Wintry Friends). Message me if interested.   ----THESE BOOKS HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD-----

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raw Sheep's Wool roving on ebay auction~

Check it out all you prim doll makers ~ starting bid is only .99 cents and it's almost 2 pounds of wool!  Three day auction, so don't delay.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

moving to PA!

After being on the market for a year, my house is finally under contract!  If all goes through as planned, we will be living in Lititz, PA before Christmas!

Closing date is set for Nov. 18th and as we all know, anything can happen.  I'm hoping it doesn't.  :)

I grew up in Delaware County, PA just east of Lancaster.  I moved to NC in 1999 from Dover, DE and now it's time to go back.  But, I wanted to move to a tourist area.  Lancaster County has the laid back lifestyle I love and it's also central to New York, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, etc.  Lots of cool day trips!

I decided in summer of 2010 to move to Lancaster County and started looking at small towns on the internet.  I fell in love with Lititz online and when I went there in June of 2010, it was a definite that that's where I wanted to live.   I went back in July 2011 and still love it.  It's got the small town feel, but it's still close to everything. 

Can't wait!