Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trip from PA to NC. A VERY long ride!

My son and I just got back from a trip to visit my parents in Burnsville NC.

Google maps says the trip takes less than 9 hours. For us, it takes 10-11 hours. We stop to eat and since I drink McDonald's sweet tea to stay awake, we do lots of bathroom breaks. :)

Nothing real exciting on this trip, but we got to visit old friends and spend lots of time with my parents. 
We lived in Burnsville, NC for 12 years, so we had lots of friends to visit. 

On the way, we got to buy gas for $1.99 a gallon!

I took this photo at the TN Welcome Center on Hwy. 81 South on the way to NC. 
Love the old cabin look!

And not too far from my brother's house in Bandana, NC we saw this awesome old house. 
Notice the Christmas decoration on the porch. 

On Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast and this place was the only restaurant in town open on Sunday morning, except for fast food. 

The sign is sooooo cool retro, but it could use some TLC. 

Eggs and sausage were good, but the homefries were deep fried and tasted 
like old grease french fries. 
I must remember to ask them to cook my homefries on the grill if I eat breakfast there again. 

Here's a photo of the menu. I loved the play on the southern slang. 
It really is how some of the locals talk that are from that area. 

On the wall at Lil' Smokey's, I was surprised to see two signs that I had made when I lived there and did craft shows!

I took this photo on our way home, near Erwin, TN. I took it with my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality, but look at the beautiful scene!

I took a couple photos at a Virginia rest stop on the way home. 

And the gas on our way home in VA was even cheaper!

So, this is my mismatch of photos. 

I should of taken more, but I was busy going to 7 different thrift stores hunting for wool clothes to recycle, eating at lots of favorite restaurants, and visiting old friends. 

My two favorite thrift stores were Shops of SafePlace Thrift (formerly The Attic) in 
Spruce Pine, NC on 226 in the Grassy Creek Shopping Center behind Western Sizzlin, 
and Barkin' Basement Resale Store which is run by Yancey County Humane Society and is 
located in Burnsville Plaza Shopping Center on Hwy. 19E across from Burnsville Chevrolet. 

Be sure and stop by and shop. Shops of SafePlace Thrifts benefits domestic violence victims and Barkin' Basement benefits the animals of Yancey County, NC. 

Meals I made sure to eat while I was there was:
Pollo Loco at El Chapala's in Burnsville. (twice)
Appalachian House Salad with house dressing at Appalachian Java & Cafe in Burnsville.
Fried rice at Tokyo Restaurant in Spruce Pine.
Potato wedges & potato soup at Garden Deli in Burnsville. I was gonna have baby rack
ribs, but we went for lunch and the potato soup sounded yummy and it was!

In closing, I am sooooo glad to home! 
I walked into my home last night after 11 hours on the road and I have to say that being in 
my primitive decorated environment makes me happy, and sleeping in my own bed makes me even happier. 

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