Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 3 of Aloha camper renovation

My day was mostly spent going out to buy a mini fridge and supplies.  The fridge will be a nice surprise, but
that will have to wait a day or so.
I went to Lowes to get trim, and when I got back (1/2 hour one way away), I had gotten the wrong trim.
So, we went back to Lowes at supper time and got the correct trim.  The second time, my dad went with me.  :)
On the way back, there was a beautiful rainbow, much more beautiful than the photo shows.

While I was gone on the first trip, the guys got the new flooring laid.  It's peel and stick vinyl.  
I got a great deal on it since the boxes were open.  Instead of $12 a box, the store manager only charged me $2.50 a box and the two boxes were enough!
I had planned to do the floors last, but they're done and I'm thankful for that.  
And I'll be sure to cover them when I start painting.  

Yesterday, I found some curtains that spoke to me.  They said, "buy me and use me in your camper!"
So I bought two panels and will be making them into curtains for the camper.  
Aqua walls and bright green polka dot curtains!  Retro fun.  :)

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I start painting the inside.  Aqua!

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