Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 10. Almost there. I can see the end! 1965 Aloha remodel.

Time to decorate!  

Relax, it's camping time!

Yes, it's tucked in the oven door, but I won't be using the oven, so it's ok.  :)

One of those "little things" being this cute camper!

Tomorrow, I'm painting over the gray.  It will be a seafoam/mint green color.  
Fun and funky!  

!!!This camper is now for sale!!!
Asking price is $3,250.
No title.  
It will be ready to go sometime early next week.  

Email me if you're seriously interested and have questions or want to set up a time to see it. 
Located in Burnsville, NC.  
PriviesAndPrims at Yahoo dot com 

Here's some details to help you decide if you're interested in seeing it:
New fridge, bought last week. 
Some updated electric.  
No 12 volt, no battery.
No holding tank for water.  
There is a propane stove, but I did not hook it up and try it.  
Closet for porta-potty, but no toilet or shower. 
No pump to bring water in. 
Some wood replaced and some insulation replaced. 
New paint inside and out.  
Have not checked the outside lights for towing. 
I need an adapter for it to plug into my vehicle.  It's ordered and on it's way. 
I've also ordered Aloha decals for front and back.  They're on their way. 
Wall brackets for table are missing.  They're available on ebay for $30.  
Cushions are fantastic and very comfortable!  (vinyl covers)
Tons of storage!
All electric lights inside work. 
New receptacles.  
Connection for TV coaxial cable for wall mounted TV & receptacle right next to it. 
New vinyl flooring.  
New sheet metal reinforcing front corners with new butyl tape.
New luan plywood in front half of camper and partial ceiling.  

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