Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 6 & 7 of vintage camper remodel

I keep thinking we're gonna get so much done "tomorrow", but it doesn't always happen.  Life happens.
Working on the camper is not always the priority.  And that's how it should be.

We are making progress though!

This is my 84 year old father, "supervising".  :)
There was about an inch opening at the bottom left corner of the door.  
He figured out that is wasn't bolted in right and our hired guy got under there and fixed it and now it closes correctly and no critters can run in!

This is the plug for the trailer lights.  
I had to order an adapter so it will match up to the 4 flat plug on my Jeep.  
So many little things.  
I don't know if the outside trailer lights work, but we'll find out when the adapter arrives.  

Painting is almost finished.  
I took the photo at the end of daylight, so you're not seeing true colors.  
They're bright!
I cheated with the hardware and just spray painted.  
There's so much of it!  
I still have to put the hinges on the doors so I can put them back on.  
This camper has tons of storage.  With all that storage, comes hardware.  :(

Dad took the metal "J rail" off the front corners today.  
We got new sheet metal to cover the damage. 
And new butyl tape to go under it.  

But first, I have to scrape all the old putty off this corner, so we get a better seal.  

So that's all the pictures I have for you. 
Lots of little things are getting done.  
Caulking, shoe molding around the floor, sanding, electrical updates, etc.  
It's coming along mighty fine!

On a side note-  
I moved back to NC in November and jobs are not very plentiful in Yancey County.
One must be patient.  
Today, I got a p/t job.  It's a good job, but only 15 hours.
So, the search continues for another p/t job to make a f/t job out of two p/t jobs.  
~Prayers are much appreciated~

I don't start until next Wednesday, so there's still plenty of time to finish the camper.  
Maybe I'll even go camping this coming weekend!
I think the South Toe River is calling my name~~~

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