Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 8 of vintage Aloha camper remodel

I think we're almost done!

These are the boards that the dinette cushions go on.  
They were pretty nasty looking, so I painted them.  

On the outside front corners, we needed to take off the old J Rail and replace it. 
Since someone had covered the corners with rubber and added another strip of metal, 
we went to a local sheet metal shop and got some metal wide
enough to cover all the damage.
New butyl tape and caulked.  Not real pretty, but does the job.  

I'm painting the metal to match the camper. 
I think it looks better with the stripe going across the J Rail.  
I also painted the vent cover on the side.  
It's no longer needed and boarded up behind it.  
Now I have to try and match the pale gray on the rest of the 
camper, so I can paint the rest of the new metal.  
For now, it just has Kilz primer on it.  

So hard to get accurate colors with my phone, but hopefully you get the idea. 
Aqua and bright green.  

The curtains will match the green.  
I love to do hand stitching, but hate measuring, cutting and getting the sewing machine out. 
So, I'm procrastinating on the curtains.  

The curved part of the ceiling had to be caulked, so it will get painted tomorrow.  

What an improvement from the first pictures!  
If you've forgotten what it looked like when we got it, go back to Day 1 post.  

I'm getting attached to this little camper while working on it. 
But, if I find one in good condition with a working bathroom, I will sell this one.  

Still small things need to be done.  
I want to put trim around all the windows, paint the wheels (after they're greased), 
replace screens, and change out the old receptacles.  

I've ordered some decals and they should arrive soon.  
The finishing touches!  

Dad and I are on our own now.  
It's a good time to make some memories. 
And we're both ready for this memory to be over.
Dad wants to get back to building furniture and I want to go camping!

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