Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice Sculpture on my van!!!

Thank God that someone came to my house this evening and told me that there was water spraying on my van! We've got a leak and cannot find a shut off valve for the outside faucet, so we had to shut off the water at the main where the meter is.
I quickly filled the tub and 4 gallon jugs so we would have some water to use until it gets fixed.
Sure is pretty cool looking isn't it!
We have city water, so we'll be paying for this one. The blessing in this is that someone saw it and it didn't spray out all night!

Update: The top of the pipe has been cut off, the remaining pipe capped off, wrapped in insulation, and covered up. We only went without water for one night and it was fixed the next morning. Not too bad after all. :)


basketsbyrose said...

Your faucet might be cracked from the cold weather.

Pam said...

Oh my...don't you just love winter time=( We had a water leak last weekend & I'm not looking forward to that bill cuz it's gonna be a whopper I'm sure! I hope you get things fixed soon!