Friday, January 29, 2010

Here we go AGAIN!

And, it's snowing again! I took this photo only 2 hours after it started. It is coming down hard and it's gonna get deep! We could get up to 24 inches!!! Looks like I'll be home for a couple days. Then, it comes again on Tuesday with ice.
Think spring, think spring, think spring!

I found this gorgeous vintage bedspread today at an antique shop. The shop is called Kit-n-Kaboodle and it's right here in Burnsville. It belongs to a friend of mine and I'm trying to get her down on the price. :) It fits my bed perfectly and I like that it goes to the floor, even though I have my bed raised up. I think I like it!
Stay warm everyone~.

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Pam said...

I hope you don't get the ice! I can handle the snow but the ice I hate! We are getting a little bit of snow but I don't think we're gonna get much. Love your new bedspread! Well enjoy your weekend being snowed in!