Saturday, May 2, 2009

New penny rug listed & a cute little Dachshund doll

I've been working on this penny rug off and on for weeks and finally made myself finish it today! Now I can move on to the next one. :)

I'm still working on a group of dolls, and hope to have a few finished in the next couple days. I'm having a Grand Opening Celebration at my store on May 9th, so I need to get all these half-done projects finished up!

This one is a penny rug for the cat lover. It's a combination of 3 different patterns that I have. Click on the picture and it will take you to the sale page in my etsy shoppe.

I've also listed a primitive Dachshund doll on ebay. Haven't had much luck on ebay lately, but once in a while I try again. :) I'm working on my "vacation fund" for an upcoming trip to Pigeon Forge. Gotta get some money to buy more patterns at the Pattern Hutch! Click on the Doxie photo if you just gotta have one and wanna help support my habit. :)


Brenda said...

That penny rug is adorable!! I love cats and just fought for the past 3 hours trying to get my kitty out of the tree! Her name is Spaz, that should explain everything!!

My Colonial Home said...

Love the PRug - and the dog is adorable. Great workmanship.