Sunday, May 17, 2009

My trip to Pigeon Forge ~ Part 1

Friday afternoon, my son and I drove to Pigeon Forge, TN. We stayed in a cute little campground cabin at Alpine Hideaway Campground. It was a one room cabin with a double bed and a set of bunks, fridge, a/c, and a tv. The cabin we stayed in also had a bathroom, but not all of them do. You have to take your own linens and pillows which is fine with me cause then I know they're clean. :) They had a bit of a problem with the last manager, so we didn't have wi-fi, but I found that I could survive without the internet for one night. ;) The manager took off with the internet equipment, cash, and who knows what else. The new management is working hard to get everything back to normal and we wish them luck! It's not a fancy campground, but the people were real nice and ready to help any way they could to make our stay a good one. This is a vintage Shasta camper that was parked there, but no one was home for me to talk to. Click on the photo to make it larger so you can see the detail in the painting. There's critters!
After we checked in to the cabin, our first stop was The Pattern Hutch! They should of been closed at 5:00, but they had a customer, so I was able to get in before they locked up. The first thing I saw when I walked in is what they call "the man chair"! Cindy recently reupholstered it in style for the hubbies to sit in while the ladies shop. Would your hubby sit in that? My 16 yr. old son wasn't even gonna think about it! ;) Have a little fun guys and maybe they'll even take your photo in the "man chair" for you to share with your buds!I thought you might like to see a photo of Cindy's daughters with me, so I went back Saturday morning to get a photo with them. I got their picture, but not their names! (I'm the one with the bandaid on my nose. Use sunblock and hopefully you'll never have to have your nose cut.)
Look over my head and you'll see the model doll for one of the patterns I bought. It's a huge Annie Angel from "You Are Special" patterns. I bought 3 patterns and all were from "You Are Special". Her patterns are so cute and easy to make. I've already got 2 of them cut out and ready to go in the coffee!
Make sure you stop in at The Pattern Hutch if you're in the Pigeon Forge area. Friendly people and great selection of patterns for needle punch, applique, wood painting and of course, prim dolls.
I hope to move over to Sevier County when my son graduates in 2 years and my dream job would be to work at the Pattern Hutch!
After our visit to the pattern store, we went to Sevierville to a BBQ/Bluegrass Festival and had some of the best ribs we've ever had! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car, so I don't have any photos from the festival. There were some craft booths set up, but no prims! What's up with that??? Maybe next year we'll have to do something about that. :) We did sit and listen to one song from a bluegrass band, but since my son prefers rock music, I didn't make him sit through anymore than one song. :) Bluegrass in NOT his favorite. But we both LOVED the ribs!
I've got so much to tell you about that I'm going to split it up over a few days. There's simply too much to tell about all in one entry.
In my next entry, I'll explain this photo. :)


OldeAnnie said...

I just love that neck of the woods! Hubby has family in Sevierville and my family holds their family reunion in Pigeon Forge every 3 years! Love the Apple Barn there. Sounds like you had a fun time...can't wait for Part 2! ~~Annie

Tolentreasures said...

Can't wait to hear about that photo. I have not been to Pigeon Forge in several years, I love it there but it seems as though I am always just passing through on my way to visit family. I love the ride from Gatlinburg to Cherokee, one of the most beautiful in the country!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Two of my favorite places...Pigeon Forge and Pattern Hutch!! LOL!! Another favorite place is Rebecca's Thyme. I hope you got to go there....prim heaven!!!! Looking forward to Part 2.

I Play Outside The Box said...

Love that area...hope to go there again maybe nnext spring. Would love it if you would share where the cabins are at.

MommaB said...

love that little camper....Iwant it...

ThePatternHutch said...

We were so glad you stopped in to say hi! I hope your son didn't feel too tortured! As for the picture goes, the stunning one in the middle is Jody and the one on the right is Jessica! :-) I enjoyed getting to meet you guys! (this is Jody again by the way)