Monday, May 25, 2009

Hilltop Restaurant fire

Awhile back, I told you about one of my favorite restaurants. The Hilltop is located on West Main St., in Burnsville, NC. They just did extensive remodeling and then last week in the early morning hours, the owner opened the doors to a nightmare. There had been a kitchen fire overnight. Thankfully, it went out before doing serious damage. Most of the damage was smoke damage.

Just when they were getting ready for Memorial Day weekend and their grand reopening, they now have what the owner (David) is calling "a minor setback". He has such a positive attitude and is a great witness with his faith in God to work everything out. We would all do well to have half of his optimism.

On the floor, you'll see a framed portrait. David's wife died from a medical condition while they were going through closing on their purchase of the Hilltop. That was just last year. Then when he started the "two week" remodel, the two week renovation turned out to be many more weeks. That was just a few months ago. Now the fire. And still, David stays positive and trusting in God.

Find the blessings in our tragedies. Count the day's blessings, not the day's troubles.

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