Monday, June 28, 2010

The "Mud Sale" Amish auction

I'm back home and working on getting rested up from the trip. I drove straight through again and got home at 1:15 this morning after driving for 13 hours. I had to stop often to keep from falling asleep, so it took a little longer than what google maps would tell you. :-) I did get to sleep in a little this morning, then I went to pick up my dogs at the vet, came home and slept some more, then took my son to his dentist appointment. No rest for the weary~ Sure glad to not be in a hotel anymore though.

I've got some more photos to share with ya from the Amish Bird-in-Hand Carriage and Antique Auction that we went to. It was pretty interesting, but still stinking HOT! Since we had already checked out of the hotel, we just hung out at the auction for a few hours under the big tents, then went to some more shops in Intercourse, PA which was right down the road.

You simply MUST watch the short Amish guy at the auction on video. He was comical! I had the camera sitting on my lap, so I don't think he knew that I was filming. Everytime someone bid, he got REAL excited!
The video with the quilts, was to let you see the process they go through. They have a pulley system set up and at the end, the quilts are dropped down, then two older Amish women fold up the quilts and bag them until the buyers pick them up. Quite a system!
I only bought 2 things at the auction, but haven't taken photos of them yet. I'll share them soon, along with the family photos taken at my nephews house.

p.s. The auction's are called "Mud Sales" cause they're usually held in the Spring after the snow thaws, thus creating ~mud~.


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Those videos were great! I would have loved to attend this auction!! Looks like you had a great trip.

Angie Berry said...

What beautiful Amish pictures you have! I truly have a heart for them. I have a corner of my living room that is all Amish. The videos are awesome, I have never been to one of their auctions. The little guy was cracking me up! Your camera takes sharp pictures and videos! Very nice!