Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3 in Lancaster County

I must apologize.  We didn't take any photos today.  :-(   It is sooooo hot this week that we get out, do what we need to do, and then hurry back into the air conditioned van! 

We started out today by eating lunch at Dienner's.  It was pretty good, and much lower priced than Miller's.  Tomorrow we're going back for the breakfast buffet.  We missed breakfast today.  It's only $5.49 for the breakfast buffet and Amish work there.  We met some people there today from Hickory, NC which is less than 2 hours from where we live!  Small world indeed. 

We checked out Strasburg today and went back to Intercourse.  I talked to 2 shops about buying my crafts, but I have to call them back tomorrow.  One lady was off on Wednesday and the other was in a meeting. 

I must say that I haven't went into too many of the country shops.  Several that we did go in, all carry the same merchandise.  I didn't find a lot of unique items.  Gorgeous prim stuff, but all the same.   I can go straight to the wholesaler and purchase it myself for a lower price.  But some were different.  I'm not going in many shops cause I'm traveling with my teenage son and it's just not fun for him.  :)

Tonight after a late afternoon nap, we drove to Lititz again, and this time, we fell in love with the town!  It was much better at night when the temps were down some.   We went to Roma's Pizza and had a Philly cheesesteak.  We could of shared one, cause they are huge!   We both only ate half of one and brought the rest back to the hotel.   My son will probably eat it for breakfast tomorrow.  :)   After eating, we walked through town and looked in the shops windows.  It's weird to see businesses still open at night.  In Burnsville where we live, most everything is closed downtown, except the 2 small restaurants.

So after checking out the houses for sale in my price range, we have both agreed on Lititz.  There's lots to do there, it's a gorgeous, small town feel and seems to be very family friendly.  Variety of places to eat and shop, and down the road they have a mini-golf and go-carts.   And, very affordable houses.  A public swimming pool, beautiful shaded park, and the town looks to be growing.  New shopping centers, and new housing going up.  Now we have to go back home and get our house ready to put up for sale. 

I'll be sure and take some photos tomorrow.  We're going back to Lititz to tour the pretzel bakery and maybe the chocolate factory. 

talk to ya tomorrow night.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Christine said...

I'm so enjoying following your trip in Amish country as I will be visiting it myself in 2 wks time so it's great to know where to see and eat of course!
Keep posting and thanks for sharing

Karens-Korner said...

Welcome to the area... Im about 45 mintutes from Lancaster and Lititz... Im just outside of Harrisburg. Its a beautiful area...


Angie Berry said...

How wonderful for you to be moving there! A dream come true for me. I'm enjoying your trip and pictures.