Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Photos

The last two nights we were in PA, we stayed with my sister's oldest son and his wife, in Exton. They were just here in NC a few weeks ago visiting my parents, so we returned the favor. :) They have a daughter that just turned one. Her name is Lyla. The first night we were there, we had dinner with my sister, her three boys and their ladies, and Lyla.  
Two weeks ago my son was a long haired hippie dude.  Now I think he's looking pretty handsome!  That's him in the real coordinated outfit.  :) 
The dog decided to show his best side. :)  There was some discussion as to whether or not to crop it out, but it would of cut off our feet, so I left him on there.

Two days after my nephew and his family left NC, my neice Tammie and her husband came to visit my parents with their 2 month old son Brayden.  (my brother on the right)
And my sister's youngest son's wife is due with their first baby in 3 weeks.  Look in the group photo and you'll see what they lovingly call, "the belly". 

Babies, babies everywhere!
And I keep thinking I hear Lyla on the baby monitor, but I'm in NC and she's in PA!

I'm ready to go back to Lancaster soon.  After it cools off a bit. :)  And, I refill my bank account!   I thought I heard a horse and buggy today coming down the road, but it was just a car rattling. 

Life is good~~~


Anonymous said...

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Angie Berry said...

Family is such a blessing! I just love spending time with mine and making wonderful memories!