Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss you guys!

I guess I've been a bit MIA in blog land lately. 

I did end up paying Verizon more than I thought I owed, but could NOT live without my dsl!!  And how could I miss American Idol???  They've got us hooked.  I will still get my credits and when everything is through, I will drop them.  For now, I pay more than I think I should have to. 

On to better things!  I'm working on a batch of black dolls, but keep getting sidetracked.  I never did finish up the sailor boy dolls and now I've decided to do something completely different with them.  That happens often. :)  One of them will be "Tiger Junior".  What Tiger Woods son ~might~ look like. ;-) 

For 2-1/2 days, I was doing a punch needle project while at my store.  I finally finished it yesterday and now just have to frame it.  I don't wanna do big ones anymore!!!

Monday morning,  I will have some girly surgery done which will put me out of work for a week.  I'm thinkin' that they can't stop me from stitchin and punchin though!  Next Saturday is the Burnsville Spring Craft Show, so I'll be getting some help with the loading and unloading there.  I'm the organizer, so I gotta do it! 

Right now, I've got 20 minutes to get to work and I'm not ready.  Soooooo, it's goodbye for now. 

Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Wishing the best of luck with the girl stuff and the show!

Anonymous said...
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