Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't bundle with Verizon!!!

Ever since I moved last fall, Verizon and Direct TV have messed up my billing. I have to call every month and tell them it's wrong. They credit most of it, but it takes 2 billing cycles for the TV credits to show up at Verizon. In the mean time, Verizon wants their money. So, this morning they cut off my tv and internet. Friday, they said they noted the account that credits were coming, so that it wouldn't get shut off. Wrong! They forgot to tell the computer that shuts it off.
They SAY I owe them over $400. Over $200 of that being past due charges. I say I owe them less than $100. I was going to refuse to pay it, but then it goes to collection and my credit goes bad.

Did you know that when you have a bundle that you're committed for a certain length of time? Did you know that if you cancel that bundle,that there's a $120 fee??? If you cancel Direct TV before the contract is up, they charge you $20 for each month until the end of the contract???

Ask about these things. I know I will in the future. So, I'm stuck with all the services unless I pay the penalty fees. I may just pay them and get out of it all. Just use my cell phone and get wireless internet from a local company. I would save money, except for the penalty fees.

If I seperate the tv from Verizon on billing, the credits from Direct TV won't get to me through Verizon, so I would be forfeiting them. Unless I wait a couple months for them to process.

I am soooo frustrated with all this. So today I picked up a disk for a free month of Netzero dial-up. No contract. At least I have something until I decide to pay Verizon the money I DON'T owe them!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT bundle!  I am stuck for now.  I suppose I should just pay them.


basketsbyrose said...

I just found out this evening, the Direct TV whats to charge $50.00 to see why nothing is working during the rain. I said no, and unhooked the whole thing, and reset it up, and it is working fine now! I still have one year with them, and the rates keep going up. I will step off the soap box, but I hear you loud and clear in MI.

TheRustyThimble said...

OH MY WORD. I have a bundle with Dish and the internet service I opted for it the pits so I too know that a bundle is a pain LOL. I love the picture that is for sure how I act when I have issues with mine. Do what I did if you can find it? Get the executive office number and call them directly YEP the big whigs LOL, the smaller guys will be so angry with you for going over their heads but I certainly got action from doing it! Good Luck

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wow, so glad we haven't done this. So sorry you are going through all this hassle! I hope it gets cleared up for you real soon.

Angie Berry said...

Yes, I know these people can be a huge hassle and very frustrating! I have a combined bill account with AT&T. I have a payment of $453 that cleared my bank back in Oct. 09. AT&T said they never received it. Would you believe that 8 months later I am still dealing with them over this one lost payment?! It is insane! I'm about ready to drop everything through them. I feel your pain!