Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cutesy School Girl doll

Yesterday at the craft show, a customer wanted to custom order a doll an 8 year old girl. No face and no coffee staining. Blonde hair. The rest was up to me.

I went through my patterns and decided to use a doll pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm called "Mamma's Breakfast". I made her with tan muslin since I couldn't coffee stain her. Here's a link to the pattern I used. You MUST see the pattern, to see how much you can do with a little imagination and different fabric.
I have so much fabric that I've been trying to use up what I have, without buying more. I thought a school print fabric would work great for an 8 year old girl. And, I gave her an apron so she has something to dress her with. I haven't attached the name tag yet cause I can't find my hole puncher.

Cutesy dolls are NOT my favorite dolls to make. I really like primitives MUCH better. But, who am I to turn down an offer for money??? Especially with vacation coming up next week!

I have a bunch of prim black dolls in the works and STILL have to finish up the boy dolls. They're waiting soooooo patiently. :)


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well I think she's cute and obviously the lady LOVED YOUR WORK to request you to make it...SHE'S ADORABLE.
That's quite a statement to have you make one special order.


Angie Berry said...

I prefer prim too but that doll is adorable! Good call on the school fabric, she is cute!