Sunday, May 16, 2010

Military BackPack ~World War II ???

This was in our attic when we bought our house.  We've been told that it is a military backpack and that it may be from World War 1 or World War 2.  It does have U.S. on it. 
The home's previous owner was a retired Navy man.

It's aprox. 31" high and 15" wide.

We're looking for information on when it may have been issued and an approximate $ value.

Any help is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

That's a cool find. I believe it's the type that could also be used as a gurney (sp?) to help carry injured people. If there are any war/military museums in your area, they might be able to give you information.

TheRustyThimble said...

AWESOME treasure to find. I can't be of any help to you on info but dang that is so neat to find something like that in your attic.