Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I did tonight~

I had three appointments today that I wasn't sure I'd be going to when I woke up this morning. There was ice on the tree branches, but it did warm up enough to melt it.

After dinner, I started stuffing doll parts and more stars to do stitchery on. I've got them packed up and ready to take to work with me tomorrow to close up and start stitchin. The stars will be Americana stitchery bowl fillers. The little people will be prairie dolls attached to wooden thread spools. I haven't made that pattern before, so I'm curious to see how they turn out. The arms and legs and one body will be some cute plastic bag holder dolls and a cowboy Raggedy Andy doll that you're sure to fall in love with! Oh, and there's a little doggy in that pile too. He's a first timer also. Yes, I like to stay busy. :)

It kept me busy for a few hours while I watched some good, some bad, and "bikini boy" on American Idol. I can't wait till next week when they actually get to singing. I think Ellen will be a fun addition, but she's not even in the music business, so I'm wondering why they picked her???

Time for me to go to bed and get some reading done. Today I started reading "Cape Refuge" by Terri Blackstock. Reading before bed helps to get my mind off reality. And, it helps me fall asleep.

Stay warm and safe everyone. We'll have one day of no winter weather tomorrow, then Thursday the ice and snow are back for the weekend. :(

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Something Special said...

Hi, I am back. I am the one who could never get bessie (my primitive doll) to attach to my email. Well I will post her again. I am waiting for my giveaway to get over with. come check out me creative blog, and see what I am giving away right now. I sure love looking around your blog. You are very good at what you do.