Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giveaway & neighborhood welcome!

Gorgeous, generous giveaway at Irish Rose Creations! Click on the button to enter the giveaway. Would look great on my bed though, so I'm not sure I want you to enter. :)

One of my neighbors did a very neighborly thing tonight and brought us a homemade coconut pie to welcome us to the neighborhood!!! Yummy good for a cold day and the holly sprig made it look soooo pretty. I just tasted it and it's yummmmmmm!!!
Thanks neighbor! I think I like this neighborhood. ;)

Don't forget to rate my prim snowman nodder to help me win a trip to New York. Go to the post below this one, and click on the link. Then click on the little snowman graphics below the photo.


1 comment:

Firecracker Kid said...

What a nice neighbor. That pie looks delish. I didn't know they still did that sort of thing. How sweet. Carol