Sunday, December 27, 2009

Doll parts & Snowmen in the snow!

I've been wanting to make some more primitive folk art dolls, but I had to do other things for Christmas. Now that the rush is over, I can do things I want to instead of what I have to.
My doll inventory has been pretty low since I had some good sales and no time to replace them. I spent a couple hours the other night cutting out doll bodies and can't wait to get working on them! Some will be black, some will be white. All will be coffee stained. I hung some out in the sun today after they soaked in a coffee/vanilla mixture for 2 days. Should smell yummy!
I'm using patterns by Chestnut Junction, Prim & Proper Folks, and Crows Roost Prims. I think there are 6 all together that I've cut out. Be watching for them soon!

While out and about around Burnsville, I saw these two unique snowmen and wanted to share them with you.


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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

My oh my how funny these look hanging out there in the snow....and the snowman is darling...we haven't made one yet this season. Guess it's time because we have tons of snow out there.
Happy holidays,