Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Has anyone ever been to the Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville, TN? I'm considering applying for a booth there. Since I will have to stay over there for 4 days, I would like to know if it's as big as I hear it is. I've been told that about 150,000 people attend it!
If you've been there as a shopper, or vendor, please contact me and let me know how it was.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Privies & Prims will be open 11:00-4:00 for last minute shoppers. I'm going to breakfast with the girls in the morning, so I may be open just a bit earlier than 11:00

"Christmas is what's in the room if you stop opening presents and listen."


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My Colonial Home said...

I have never heard of this festival but if you heard right then I'd do it.
What is not so good for one vendor might BE WONDERFUL FOR THE NEXT one and you just might be in the LUCKY I say go for it....cuz you will never know if you don't.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.