Friday, December 18, 2009

Am I making any progress???

I moved some furniture around the other night. The craft/guest room is now pretty crowded! And, VERY messy!

But, I made room on the table for my sewing machine and started some snowmen. I had bought a cool pattern from Barefoot Primitives and decided to make them now even though it's a week from Christmas. Snowmen can be left out all winter! I got them grunged up last night and worked on their hats. Now to paint the faces and attach the noses!

I've also been working on some angels, snowmen, and primitive stitcheries. Nothing finished, but I'm working on it!

Not sure when the house will be all put together, but it will get there. I keep telling myself that it's ok for it not to be organized. Life still goes on and since I'm not doing any holiday entertaining, it really is ok. I keep telling myself that it's ok for everything not to be in it's place. All the painting will get done in due time. It really is ok.

Life doesn't stop for me to get my house together. Christmas is a week away and life is more important than housekeeping. Keep that in mind. :)
Jesus is with us all year. He and family are so much more important than having a perfect house!


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