Monday, October 26, 2009

hate packing, hate moving, love decorating!

Thought I'd share with you the mountain of boxes in the corner of my living room! I had the flash off, so the picture's a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea. :)

And of course, I am always needing something that is packed. I think that's my least favorite part of moving. As soon as I pack it, I need it.

Today I was needing some weaver's cloth for a pattern order, and I hunted and hunted for it. Then I needed my rotary cutter to cut it. It's packed too. Envelope to put the pattern in, it's packed too. I did manage to get the pattern packed up and mailed out. I didn't pack anything else today. I think I'll wait till last minute. That way I know where everything is! Only 3 more days till we get the keys, but we won't be moving in until sometime next week. Got work to do first! Wanna help paint?!?

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Shakerwood said...

Good luck moving......sorry, no I won't help paint! I've painted my house enough times to want to hire it out next time. I don't care how much it costs! It sure will be exciting to be able to decorate for the holidays in a new house, though!