Sunday, July 5, 2009

Made it and sold it! Americana dolls

I made this Lady Liberty primitive doll, but she sold before I even got her finished, so I didn't get a photo. :( I took this photo from the pattern designer's website. Prim & Proper Folks is one of my favorite pattern lines for primitive dolls.
I try to get a photo of every doll I made before it sells, but this one went pretty quick and I didn't have my camera with me. It was Saturday, July 4th, and I had her almost finished. I had sprayed her with coffee, but she wasn't dry yet, so I took her to my shop with me and hung her outside to dry in the sun. Her banner wasn't even attached! A customer came in asking about her and she bought it on the spot! I stitched on her banner as the customer went to lunch and she was gone! I asked the lady to email me a photo, but she said she's not too up on computer stuff, but she'll try. :)

My doll had red sheep's wool for hair and of course she looks just a bit different than the pattern photo. I usually put my own touch on them. She's pretty close, but not exact. Hopefully I'll get a photo for my album.

The other doll I just finished is from another of my favorite pattern designers, R&K Creations. Her name is Miss America!

Again, I forgot my camera, so I used a friend's, but all the photos are a bit blurry.

Miss America is 26" tall and her hair is blonde sheep's wool from nearby Celo, NC.

She's got a round head and Americana flag fabric on the bodice and sleeves. She is $38. Email me if you're interested. I doubt it will be long before she also goes to a new home. :)
The vintage quilt in the photo is also for sale in my store at $45.00.

I do sincerely hope that ya'll had a great July 4th and please remember to pray for our soldiers overseas. The temperatures are over 110 degrees in Iraq and they can't jump in the pool to cool off.

I'll be back soon with more to show and tell. I'm going to TRY to get started on my own pattern designs later this week so I can take them to Pigeon Forge and hopefully The Pattern Hutch will want to sell them!

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Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Keep us posted on the patterns!! I go to Pattern Hutch several times a year and I would love to see your patterns for sale. Your dolls are awesome. I'm not surprised you had a sale so fast!!