Sunday, July 19, 2009

blogging in Pigeon Forge at the cabin

How pitiful am I to be blogging while I'm on vacation??? Well now, first before you judge me, let me explain the setting.

We were going to walk around Gatlinburg tonight, but decided to stay at the cabin and just relax.

So, I'm sitting in the dark, on the porch of the cabin, watching the campfire burn and getting ready to eat some burnt marshmallows. Very, very relaxed. Tomorrow,,,,,I hit the prim shops!

Here's a photo of my little Dachshund Annie on our camping trip. She is freaking out at all the new noises and strange sights. Poor thing is so used to her fenced backyard, that she's shaking like crazy! We put her and Shorty in the cabin and put up the baby gate. They're much happier in there. :)

I just listed three new dolls in my etsy shop that I finished late last night. Buy them so I can spend more money!!!


Lisa said...

lol Have fun!

Firecrackerkid Primitives said...

Aww, Annie is so pretty. I love her color.