Monday, June 8, 2009

My son came to visit!

Every Friday morning, I get together with some
friends and we have a girl's breakfast. This past Thursday, my neice from PA came with her husband to go to my nephews graduation. They arrived just after midnight Thursday night at my parents house. So, mom said she was going to bring Tammie to the girl's breakfast. Tammie and her husband came in to the restaurant, we hugged, went to our table, then I turned around and my oldest son was standing there!!! I moved here to NC from DE almost 10 years ago and this was his first time here! What an awesome surprise! Of course, like a girl, my eyes teared up and I said to my friends, "This is my son!!!".
Geoff is the one with the tan hat on backwards, me next to him and the "mophead" hair is my younger son Darren. Lots of friends and Tammie and Dan are at the far end. Their first wedding anniversary is June 15th! You can see some of their wedding photos that I took.

More posts with photos coming soon!

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Karen said...

what a wonderful surprise seeing your son show up....I'm so happy for you.
What a fun looking time you must have had....nice group.