Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cora Lee adopted, new dolls waiting!

Miss Cora Lee (the tall skinny doll) got adopted
today after being in the store for only 3 days!
She now has a permanent home at the historic Buck House near Wolf Laurel Preserve. She'll get to meet and greet many visitors to the Burnsville area and will surely be a conversation piece! Laurie is the proud adopter and she left my store carrying Cora Lee in her arms and used her like a puppet to wave to people driving by! I'm sure that got some interesting comments! So if you go to the Buck House Bed & Breakfast, you'll get to visit the doll momma and her baby. :) Be sure and tell them that Doreen sent you. Here's a link to check out her new home. http://www.wolflaurelpreserve.com/bucktown_photo_gallery.php

I've been VERY busy lately finishing up some dolls that I started a long time ago.
This one ain't winning no beauty pageant! Get her now for your July 4th party, then sit back and wait for the comments. :)
She's available on etsy. Just click on the photo to go there.

My mom thinks this one is ugly, but I kind of like her and I don't expect her to be in the store too long. She's got sunflowers on her dress fabric, one in her hair, and one tucked under her arm. (no slugs, I promise!) (read below for explanation on that) Her baby is just adorable! I haven't listed this one on etsy yet, but she is $65.00 for the momma and baby together. Click on the photo for a larger view. This doll and the shelf sitter doll are both made by me, using patterns from You Are Special.

I've got another shelf sitter like the one above, but I don't have a crow made for her yet. Her hair and fabric are different also. Watch for her soon and I also have another Americana black doll that will be finished tomorrow. And, I'm starting more white dolls too. I'm on a roll!

Well, I'm plum tuckered out and it's only 9pm. Time for a shower and some reading time before bed. Have a prim perfect evening and thanks for stopping by~~~


Barb King of Prairie Harvest Arts said...

love the dolls and the shelf sitter is my favorite!

TeresaM said...

Congratulations on your sale!!! How exciting!!! Love your new shelf sitter!!!