Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Yancey County ACS Relay for Life

Tonight was our local Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. My youngest son is a cancer survivor, my mom and I have had several spots of skin cancer removed, and my brother died from cancer, so this charity is an important one for us. This year it was held at Burnsville Elementary School.

My favorite part was my chair massage! Evelyn Elam is one of the waitresses at the Hilltop Restaurant, and she is also a licensed massage therapist. This was my first massage with her and I must tell you that she gets right to the problem spots! Because I do mostly handwork, I always have pain in my neck and shoulders and within seconds, she found the knots and got right to work. I highly recommend her if you're in the area. I will surely be going back for more work on my back. Not only is she good at massage, but she's got a great, fun personality!
One of the photos is of me in her massage chair and she's pretending to be pounding her elbow in my back. :)

Another of the photos is of luminaries. One in memory of Billy Bell, my oldest brother. He died of throat cancer almost 2 years ago. The other is in honor of my son Darren. He had Ewing's Sarcoma cancer on his ribs, 9 years ago. He is doing great and I give God the praise for his healing.

To see what a beautiful place we live in, look at the photo of the blow up kids thing. Notice the gorgeous mountains in the background!

Support your local Relay for Life. We all know someone that has been touched by cancer. Together, we can help fight it.

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