Thursday, April 2, 2009

A big day in Burnsville!

The day that many, many Burnsville locals have been waiting for, finally came to be this morning. The Hilltop Restaurant reopened after being closed for a looooonnnng 12 weeks for remodeling. The original plan was to be closed for 2-3 weeks, but we all know how remodeling goes. Over budget, over time. The end result was well worth the wait. It's the cleanest restaurant in Yancey County! And, it has the coolest retro decor!

Theresa and Judy scrubbed and scrubbed and David did lots of pressure washing. It's spic + span and shining bright! Retro diner type decor is so fitting for this restaurant. Homey and welcoming.
The Hilltop reminds me of "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. You can go in a stranger and before you leave, you'll most likely have made several new friends. That's if you're friendly yourself. :) No liquor at this bar though, just orangeades and banana splits.

It's the place to catch up on all the local "news" and the place to meet up with friends. My dad lovingly calls it my "office" cause I always go there when I'm meeting up with someone.
To all the ones that contributed to the new look, we the residents of Burnsville, NC commend you on a job well done! Take a bow and then get back to cookin' that good food and making some of the best sweet tea in town. :) See ya at breakfast............


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

How lucky you are to have aplace like this to go.
Enjoy it.
love the retro look.

My Colonial Home said...

This is just awesome....I love these kinds of restaurants and dedicated owners.