Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Antique finds!

Got some great stuff at an antique auction on Sunday. Everything will be for sale in my store, or you can email me and make an offer if you see something you like. :)

Vintage LIFE magazines.

Yard long pansy lithograph.

Vintage tinware sifter, measuring cup, dustpan and Prince Albert can.

Vintage spice tins.

Dixie Darling matchbook cover with matches!
Enamelware pots and tin overseas shipping container.

More old books.
Vintage baby food dishes.
Baby books.

Antique collector magazines and Litery Digest 1930.


Jody said...

Lots of great treasures Doreen! I can't wait for our local garage sales to start! Hurry up Spring!

dee begg said...


Wow! You picked up some great finds!


I Play Outside The Box said...

Good finds Doreen! I bet the articles in those magazines would be good ones!

Anonymous said...

what does the text on the bottom of the overseas shipping container say?