Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forgotten Treasures~~~

I actually forgot that I had a bag of goodies in the car that I found on my hunt through the thrift stores.

In this first photo, you'll see some great baskets. I'm not really a basket person, but I've got plans for some of these. I've got another vision. :)

Also, see the watermelon placemat? It's like a braided rug, but the size of a placemat. I bought that to use as part of a display. Three vintage hankies will make their way into my store after they're washed and ironed. And a really cool find was some old pink leather ballet slippers! They are well worn and perfect for a prim ballerina doll. Gotta have vision!

Nothing in this photo was more than $1.00.

Next photo is a great quilt piece that I was lucky enough to find. I'll use it for display also. It's all made of flannel with 2" squares. I love it! And, it was only $1.00!!!

Also found a vintage metal recipe box. No family recipes, but still cool. :) It's for sale in my store for $5.00.

My last photo for today is a primitive Americana Crow and Pear penny rug tablerunner that I'm working on. I got all the stitching finished today and now I just have to sew the backing on, attach the pennies, and stitch around the border. The background fabric is quilted muslin. Look for it in my etsy store soon!

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My Colonial Home said...

Well just look at all those treasures!
Now you have us anxious to see your VISION come to life! So come on now....get going.