Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow is becoming a bad word around here!

I get a day off from work, so that's good.  I get to craft, so that's good.  It's gorgeous outside and that's good too.  
What's not good is that since my son is not home, I have to do the shoveling.  We park on the street and the plow always adds a bit of snow for us to shovel.  :(   It's back breaking work.  
Before I shoveled an area for the Doxies.  

Just the beginning.  

There's a PT Cruiser under there!

Snow plow gift.  

And, it's still snowing hard.  And, more coming on Wednesday and then a big snow storm on the weekend. 

Next time I go out, which won't be today, I'll get some photos of Amish farms for ya.  

Now, if you're cold and want to warm up, come on over to Strasburg and shovel some snow!  It'll warm ya right up.  :) 

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lilraggedyangie said...

THANKS FOR THE GIFT...I'm going to need it...snow storm heading towards Ohio this afternoon and even more this weekend...and still plenty on the ground....I'm thinking hibernation might be a good option...don't over do shoveling...stay warm and safe hugs lil raggedy Angie