Saturday, February 22, 2014

Penny Rug class with Janice Sonnen

I had the pleasure of taking a penny rug applique class today with 
Janice Sonnen at the Landis Valley Museum.

I already knew how to make penny rugs, but it was lots more fun to make one with a group 
of women than it is sitting home by myself.  :)

Someday I would like to take a rug hooking class with Janice also.  
Janice is a traditional crafts person and makes mostly primitive style hooked rugs and penny rugs.  
You can find out more information here:

While I was at the museum, I talked to the store manager and signed an agreement for them to sell my wool pincushions and penny rugs on consignment!  

These are the ones that I left there for sale.  
All are made from recycled clothing and the pin cushions are stuffed with sawdust & sheep's wool.  
My handmade items will also be available soon at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Museum store.  

I love doing handstitching and I'm feeling blessed that others enjoy the finished products. 
Time to get busy and make some more pincushions!  Or is it pinkeep, or pin cushion??? 

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