Saturday, August 21, 2010

Featured today~~~Extreme Primitive and UGLY Bird Lady DOLL

Now this is one UGLY doll! And, she's pretty lousy at putting on her lipstick! She's a bird lover and a cardinal has actually nested in her blonde sheep's wool hair! The cardinal is made of muslin, then I painted it and sanded it. The bird is sewn onto the dolls head so it won't fly away. :)
"Bird Lady" spends her free time birdwatching. She's wearing a cute, prim jumpsuit and the bodice has willow trees and red birds on it.
Her nose and mouth are needle sculpted. Eyes, cheeks and mouth have been painted. I also painted some shoes on her to complete the outfit.
Now, she's not the prettiest lady on the block, but she would love to help decorate your home!
Take notice of her creepy hands with individual fingers. The pattern I used was for a witch doll, but I decided to alter it a bit since I don't do Halloween stuff, except pumpkins.
"Bird Lady" is handmade by me and measures aprox. 23" tall.
As you can see in the photos, everything has been coffee stained.

Purchase her HERE in my etsy shoppe.   There's only ONE of her, so shop quick if you like her.

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