Monday, March 8, 2010

Win a Mercedes-Benz SL550 for just $50!

When it seems that everyone is sending their money to other places where millions and millions are already going, I decided to help someone here in the USA. I saw this on the Bonnie Hunt Show this morning.

If you decide to buy a "New Lungs For Chuck Raffle" ticket, PLEASE put my name (Doreen Brannan) as the way you found out about it. For every 5 that buy a ticket referred by me, I get a free ticket! And you can do the same for your referrals!
New Lungs For Chuck Raffle
Chuck Campbell’s survival depends solely on the generosity of the American people in his quest to raise $1 million for a life-saving procedure his insurance company will not cover.
Win a Mercedes-Benz SL550 AND a Florida Golf Course Townhouse for just $50.00!
Now I gotta admit that I thought twice (for just a second) about posting this cause the more people that enter, the less chance I get of winning. Just for that split second, I was selfish. Then I remembered that it will save someone's life. A father and a husband. Be selfless and help this family! And, if it's God's will, then you will win a car and a house, but we all win just by helping this family. Our reward will be in Heaven. :)

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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Very worthy cause...hope they sell enough for him to get a second chance at life.