Monday, November 16, 2009

Wholesale shows & Christmas Ornament craft Show

Don't miss the Christmas Ornament Festival in Burnsville, NC this coming Saturday! If you're close enough to drive on over, come see us! It will be in the Burnsville Town Center, November 21st from 9:00-2:00. Each artist donates an ornament for the tree, and the tree is raffeled at $5.00 per ticket. The winner gets the tree and all the handmade ornaments! Entrance to the show is FREE.

Privies & Prims will be open from 11:00-5:00 Saturday. I'll be at the festival, and Judi will be at the store. The craft show is inside, so come and shop local and have some good refreshments! Sometimes there's a cute little boy selling fresh mistletoe. They shoot it down from the top of the trees! If he's there, tell him you want a kiss with the purchase. ;)

I've been thinking about venturing into the wholesale market and I'm trying to find a show that is for handmade items. I did find the Market Square show in Valley Forge and my sister lives near there, so that would be convenient. Since it would be my first show, does anyone have any suggestions for shows near NC or TN? I would like to not be overwhelmed, but my, what a good problem to have! Just a thought for now. I'm in the "research" mode.

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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wish I could attend the shows!

The Valley Forge Hand Made Market is wonderful but do make enough ahead because people are looking for American Hand Mades. I know those are the booths/vendors I hit first.
And if you take orders try and remember your own deadlines so you don't get overwhelmed and take too many orders - I would hate to see you get frustrated right out of the gate....BUT I'm sure you have given it lots of thought.
Keep me in mind if you do the VF show - I go every year.