Friday, November 13, 2009

We're moved in!

We moved in tonight! Still some odds and ends at the rental to pick up tomorrow. And, it's gonna be a challenge living through the remodel, but it should be done in the next week. No stove, kitchen sink, or useable cabinets, but hey, that's what mom's cooking is for!
We do have a working toilet and bathroom sink and we have a microwave and our new fridge is hooked up, so we're good to go. Kind of like camping. :)
The heater vents in the bedrooms are covered over with laminate, but it should be fine once we're under the covers and we can leave the bedroom doors open. They'll be cut out tomorrow.
I'm online (duh!), but it keeps going off and on, so I'll have to get that checked out. I'm running on a wireless antenna.
My 17 yr. old son has a friend sleeping over already. My son got the new Call of Duty game today for his PS3, so I may have some trouble getting them to go to bed!
The contractor will be here at 9am tomorrow, so no sleeping in.
We cleared a space in the bedrooms big enough to put our beds in and everything else is boxes. I'm just feeling blessed to be here!!! Ask me again when the mortgage payment is due. ;)
Till then, a bag of Cheetos, McDonald's sweet tea, and a "new to me" house. What more could I want???


My Colonial Home said...

Hi Doreen - how great to finally be under one roof - maybe not totally done but no more running back and forth.
Anxious for photos.

My Colonial Home said...

P.S. - I should have said more pictures!