Thursday, November 5, 2009

more "surprises"

When the contractor took the old toilet out today, the floor was rotted underneath it. Sooooo glad I decided to redo the bathroom!
Please keep us in prayer. We are supposed to move in this weekend and we may have to move in with mom and dad for a few days. Us and our 3 little dogs. :) Since mom and dad don't want 3 dogs, we need your prayers for quick finish!

Will add more photos tonight.


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Lisa said...

I hope you get to move in! I worry that I have the same problem under our toilet. The landlord let the wax ring go for a year, ruined the linoleum from the bottom and it's still there. We're on the second floor, so I'm always hoping I don't end up in the neighbor's dining room when I go potty. lol