Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I had planned to go to church this morning with a friend, but I was snuggled up in my "cocoon" (aka bed) with my sweet little dachshund Annie and I couldn't bring myself to go out in the cold rain. So, we canceled on church and slept till almost noon! I got up, cooked some bacon and eggs, watched some tv, then went back to sleep again!

I had to eventually get up and go to McDonald's for a gallon of sweet tea. :) Now it's late at night and I'm wide awake. Almost. :)

I've spent most of my awake time on the computer today just browsing and checking out craft shows I might want to do in 2009, reading online prim magazines, etc. Just a lazy Sunday.

It's been raining most of the day and my back deck is all icy. It was so cute when my little doxie went outside and her feet kept sliding as she tried to walk. Annie just had her one year birthday in October. She's still a challenge on the potty thing, but I couldn't love her anymore than I do.

Fluffy had just had a haircut when the photo was taken. She is peke/chi and will be 10 in January! Annie is a red dachshund (1 yr. old), and Shorty is almost 3. He's a red dapple dachshund and just a little chubby. :)

I'm expecting to get a call about school being canceled. I doubt it will warm up overnight, and if it's already icy, it's not gonna melt. More sleep!

Looking for some awesome craft shows to do in 2009. Thinkin' maybe the Hendersonville Apple Festival, Olde Salem Days in Virginia, Belle Chere in Asheville, and Ashe County's Christmas in July. If you've been to any of these and know if they are fantastic or just so-so, please let me know! I did about 10 shows in 2008 and I'd rather find some really great larger shows instead of doing all the little small town ones.

Sleep well and stay warm!

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Your dogs are adorable!!! I love dogs :)