Monday, February 2, 2009

My reorganized craft/laundry room

This is what I did all day Saturday. It started out of necessity when I had to get a filing cabinet out of there that I had sold. I REALLY wasn't in the mood to do this, but as I worked, I kind of got in the mood. This is about as neat as it will ever be. :) Notice to the right, you see the edge of my washing machine. Next to that is the dryer. So,,,,I have VERY little room to work in! Since this is where I'll be for 2 more years until my son graduates, this is all I have. :)
Where there's a need for storage, we will find it!
What the photos don't show, is more fabric, patterns, paints, etc. that are stored in various places throughout the house!
How much is enough? Just a little bit more. ;)

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