Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A mouse in the house!!!

Oh gosh, I had to apologize to my son for thinking he was seeing things. I was cleaning off the microwave the other day and there was "evidence" of a mouse having been there! Then I looked along the back of the counter and there was more "evidence" all the way across the back! The counter is dark blue (yuck), so I hadn't noticed it before. I also have found "evidence" in the cabinet under the kitchen sink and in my desk drawers! So, I bought some new plastic traps that are like a clip that you put on chip bags. They're pretty easy to use and you don't have to touch the actual part where the mouse goes. Caught a mouse the first day under the sink! I told my son that disposing of it was the "man's" job, so he had to take it outside and dispose of it. Haven't caught anymore and that was 2 days ago. Seems unlikely that there was only one, but maybe so???

On to happier subjects.......I will soon be licensed to perform weddings! I have a small wedding photography business and someone suggested to me to get "ordained" and be able to do a whole package. So, I went on the internet and found a church in CA that "ordains" you for free! I'm not really liking them saying that I'm now a minister cause I think that is more a "God" thing and should be more sacred than just going on the internet. I am calling myself a wedding officiant. I can offer my dad's cabin where we have the Christmas shop as part of a package. No one around here does this, so it may just start something! There's basically no expense to me except for the $15 for my certificates to show the courthouse. We'll see how this idea goes. :)

I've been searching on the internet also for new shows to do in 2009. I want to get out into more prosperous areas and do less shows, but hopefully make more money because of the areas of the shows. Have I confused ya??? :) I've been doing all the little local shows and people around here are having hard times lately, so they don't have money to spend on extras like crafts.
Some shows I'm going to check into are Jonesborough Days in Jonesborough, TN which is July 4th weekend, or the same weekend is Christmas in July in West Jefferson, NC. Another new one for me will be the White Squirrel Festival in Brevard, NC which is Memorial Day weekend, and then the International Festival in Waynesville, NC on July 25th. It's part of the Folkmoot USA, North Carolina's Official International Festival. If you've been to or sold at any of these shows, please contact me and let me know how you did!

Guess I'm all caught up now. :) I've got to finish up a Dachshund doll for an etsy customer and then it's back to stuff for the Christmas Cabin.

have a warm, snuggled up one!


Alice said...

Love your post. I have a friend that is scared to death of mice. she bought those sticky traps and then I got to go in her motorhome to see if the mouse was caught. Poor thing was still alive and well but stuck, it is a cruel trap. So I put it in a paper bag and took it to the trash, yes sorry alive, but I couldn't kill it! She wouldn't go in her motorhome until the mouse was caught!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Oh boy...LOL!...about the mouse. Hopefully you got the only one but I think if there's one there's more. I hope I am wrong. I hate mice. I scream if I see a dead one in the trap in our basement!

My Colonial Home said...

Man, I haven't had a mouse in the house in over 25 years and hope to never have one again...they are so cute but not IN MY HOUSE!

I just added your blog to my Blog list.