Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exciting Saturday night!

My only day off this week and I get a phone call waking me up at 8:50am about something I'm selling on craigslist.  Then they didn't even show up!  I listed a canoe for my boss and the caller said he'd meet me at the campground before noon.  I texted him around 11:30 and he messaged back that he had an emergency service call.  Well, thanks for waking me up on my day off!  

The rest of the day went ok.  Quick dentist appointment and then home to cut out some 
wool penny rug candle mats.  

My exciting Saturday night is a bit of stitching therapy,
and 1/2 way watching Captain America movie with my son.  
He's watching it and I'm in the same room.  :)

Early morning work tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed.  
Keep stitching!  And smiling!

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