Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cold weather, old window and frozen towels~

I live in an apartment that used to be a harness shop, back before they had paved roads.  The house was built in 1870 with a store attached.  The store was later remodeled to be the apartment I live in.

There is a huge storefront window in my living room and I do believe the glass is original because it has wavy glass.  The problem with that is that it's not double pane and has no storm window.  So, we get LOTS of cold air coming in through the window.  My solution, put foam board insulation between the mini blinds and curtains.
As you can see by the photo, I haven't gotten proper curtains up yet.  I do have the fabric and will be making my own because of the odd size of the windows.  I've been here 3 months and I'm almost ready to sew them.  :)
As you can also see in the photo, there is LOTS of condensation on this window and it soaks the fabric and the window seat.  The towels are there to soak up the water.  This afternoon, the towels are FROZEN as in crunchy FROZEN!   
I did email my landlord and asked if there's any chance he would replace the window.  I haven't heard back from him yet.  :)

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