Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How do you keep dogs off furniture?

I've got three cute little dogs and they are driving me crazy! If I try to lay down for a rest, all three dogs have to be with me. If I sit on my recliner, they want to be with me. I have to keep a sheet on our couch to keep them from getting it dirty.
My question to you is, if your dogs are used to getting on the furniture, how do you stop it? Since I'm moving the end of this month, I figured we can start fresh. Are you laughing at me???
For the bedroom, I'm going to gate it off and keep the dogs out of the bedrooms. As for the living room, that will be the tough one. I want to buy a new couch, but not if it's going to be ruined with dog hair and wet paws when it rains.
Can someone help me so I can have nice furniture? If you've went through this, let me know what worked for you. Please!!!

On another note, I'm working on scarecrows and stitcheries for the show this weekend. Gotta go and sew, sew, sew.


Paula said...

My dog hates the vacuum so I put it on the couch, that worked had to leave it on a couple of months

Anonymous said...

My daughter uses foil, to keep her dogs off the new leather couches and it works.

ohiofarmgirl said...

We have a little (for lack of better word) rapper??? It gives off a high pitched sound that we can not here but they can...just push the little button and they stop/go running...I use it for excessive barking when we have can find it in pet stores! Dianntha