Saturday, May 25, 2019

Instead of crafting, I've been traveling and camping, but I'm slowly getting back into creating. I'll be moving back to Lancaster County, PA this summer and will be teaching punch needle and wool applique classes at Ewebiquitous in Lititz, PA. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and sharing the arts.

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Happy Camping!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The camper has been sold!

The camper has been sold and will be spending it's retirement years in Virginia.
I will miss this little camper, but I must say that I'm glad my work is finished.  
It's going to a pretty cool place, that I will share with you if the buyer gives me permission.  
For now, I have news!  

If the deal goes through, I'll be buying another camper this weekend!  
It's a 2010 R-Pod 171.  

To be continued..............

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day 12 - Started decorating! 1965 Aloha 13' remodel

Sooo cute!  
Just posting random pictures today.

Ignore the unpainted door trim.  It's getting painted later today.  :)

Cable TV hook-up and receptacle for wall mounted TV.

Tomorrow, putting trim around the fridge and putting cabinet doors back on. 

Brand new fridge!

New electric box~

Closet inside the potty closet. 

I believe these may be the original curtains?

Tomorrow the fridge will get framed in.  

$3,250 ~ Located in Burnsville, NC
Weighs about 1800 pounds.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 11 - One more day?

I painted the outside today.  It was a dull gray, except for the turquoise stripe that I painted last week.

When I first started painting the green, I wasn't sure about it.  It looked bright. 
But when I got it finished, I love it!  

I'm so happy I decided to paint over the boring gray. 
Still waiting for the Aloha logo decals to arrive in the mail.  
One for the front and one for the back.   

Tomorrow or Monday, some little touch ups on the paint, put 2 cabinet doors back on, 
trim out a window, and we're done!  

Time for it to go to a new home.  

Will it be yours???  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 10. Almost there. I can see the end! 1965 Aloha remodel.

Time to decorate!  

Relax, it's camping time!

Yes, it's tucked in the oven door, but I won't be using the oven, so it's ok.  :)

One of those "little things" being this cute camper!

Tomorrow, I'm painting over the gray.  It will be a seafoam/mint green color.  
Fun and funky!  

!!!This camper is now for sale!!!
Asking price is $3,250.
No title.  
It will be ready to go sometime early next week.  

Email me if you're seriously interested and have questions or want to set up a time to see it. 
Located in Burnsville, NC.  
PriviesAndPrims at Yahoo dot com 

Here's some details to help you decide if you're interested in seeing it:
New fridge, bought last week. 
Some updated electric.  
No 12 volt, no battery.
No holding tank for water.  
There is a propane stove, but I did not hook it up and try it.  
Closet for porta-potty, but no toilet or shower. 
No pump to bring water in. 
Some wood replaced and some insulation replaced. 
New paint inside and out.  
Have not checked the outside lights for towing. 
I need an adapter for it to plug into my vehicle.  It's ordered and on it's way. 
I've also ordered Aloha decals for front and back.  They're on their way. 
Wall brackets for table are missing.  They're available on ebay for $30.  
Cushions are fantastic and very comfortable!  (vinyl covers)
Tons of storage!
All electric lights inside work. 
New receptacles.  
Connection for TV coaxial cable for wall mounted TV & receptacle right next to it. 
New vinyl flooring.  
New sheet metal reinforcing front corners with new butyl tape.
New luan plywood in front half of camper and partial ceiling.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 9 - Aloha remodel

Day 9~  We expected to be done in 2-3 days! 
I'm so over this and wanting to get back to doing some wool applique.  
Sitting by a campfire of course.  :)

This is what my hands look like every night. 
No manicures for me.  

Under the dinette.  This is where there used to be a holding tank. 
I think.  None there now.  
This is how it looked this morning.  

And how it looks now.  If I'm going to store things in there, I wanted it to be cleaner. 
Fresh paint does the job.  

I made a decision today to paint over the light gray on the outside. 
So now, it will be a seafoam green!!!
It's Glidden and the color is called "Elf Hat Green".  I looked it up to share a photo with you, 
but the sample online is nothing like the actual color paint that I purchased.  
Can't wait to see how it turns out! 
That probably won't happen until the weekend.  

So tomorrow, I have to put on the receptacle plate covers, put the full length mirror
back on the bathroom door, put up some mug hooks, paint the trim around the door,
wash the cushion covers, and maybe, just maybe I'll start the curtains.  

The fridge is in, and painted aqua!  Sorry, but I didn't get a photo of it yet. 
All little things going on and not much to take photos of.  

I'm on the lookout for another vintage camper.  
The next one will have less work needed, and a bathroom!
I'm supposed to go see one on Sunday if it works out.  
The thrill of the hunt is what keeps me going~

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 8 of vintage Aloha camper remodel

I think we're almost done!

These are the boards that the dinette cushions go on.  
They were pretty nasty looking, so I painted them.  

On the outside front corners, we needed to take off the old J Rail and replace it. 
Since someone had covered the corners with rubber and added another strip of metal, 
we went to a local sheet metal shop and got some metal wide
enough to cover all the damage.
New butyl tape and caulked.  Not real pretty, but does the job.  

I'm painting the metal to match the camper. 
I think it looks better with the stripe going across the J Rail.  
I also painted the vent cover on the side.  
It's no longer needed and boarded up behind it.  
Now I have to try and match the pale gray on the rest of the 
camper, so I can paint the rest of the new metal.  
For now, it just has Kilz primer on it.  

So hard to get accurate colors with my phone, but hopefully you get the idea. 
Aqua and bright green.  

The curtains will match the green.  
I love to do hand stitching, but hate measuring, cutting and getting the sewing machine out. 
So, I'm procrastinating on the curtains.  

The curved part of the ceiling had to be caulked, so it will get painted tomorrow.  

What an improvement from the first pictures!  
If you've forgotten what it looked like when we got it, go back to Day 1 post.  

I'm getting attached to this little camper while working on it. 
But, if I find one in good condition with a working bathroom, I will sell this one.  

Still small things need to be done.  
I want to put trim around all the windows, paint the wheels (after they're greased), 
replace screens, and change out the old receptacles.  

I've ordered some decals and they should arrive soon.  
The finishing touches!  

Dad and I are on our own now.  
It's a good time to make some memories. 
And we're both ready for this memory to be over.
Dad wants to get back to building furniture and I want to go camping!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 6 & 7 of vintage camper remodel

I keep thinking we're gonna get so much done "tomorrow", but it doesn't always happen.  Life happens.
Working on the camper is not always the priority.  And that's how it should be.

We are making progress though!

This is my 84 year old father, "supervising".  :)
There was about an inch opening at the bottom left corner of the door.  
He figured out that is wasn't bolted in right and our hired guy got under there and fixed it and now it closes correctly and no critters can run in!

This is the plug for the trailer lights.  
I had to order an adapter so it will match up to the 4 flat plug on my Jeep.  
So many little things.  
I don't know if the outside trailer lights work, but we'll find out when the adapter arrives.  

Painting is almost finished.  
I took the photo at the end of daylight, so you're not seeing true colors.  
They're bright!
I cheated with the hardware and just spray painted.  
There's so much of it!  
I still have to put the hinges on the doors so I can put them back on.  
This camper has tons of storage.  With all that storage, comes hardware.  :(

Dad took the metal "J rail" off the front corners today.  
We got new sheet metal to cover the damage. 
And new butyl tape to go under it.  

But first, I have to scrape all the old putty off this corner, so we get a better seal.  

So that's all the pictures I have for you. 
Lots of little things are getting done.  
Caulking, shoe molding around the floor, sanding, electrical updates, etc.  
It's coming along mighty fine!

On a side note-  
I moved back to NC in November and jobs are not very plentiful in Yancey County.
One must be patient.  
Today, I got a p/t job.  It's a good job, but only 15 hours.
So, the search continues for another p/t job to make a f/t job out of two p/t jobs.  
~Prayers are much appreciated~

I don't start until next Wednesday, so there's still plenty of time to finish the camper.  
Maybe I'll even go camping this coming weekend!
I think the South Toe River is calling my name~~~

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 5 of Aloha camper reno

Not much work done on the camper today since it's Sunday.
I went out this morning and finished doing the putty over the staples.  My dad said it looks like it has the measles.  :)

Then this evening, I went out and started some painting to get ready for the guys 
to do some trim work tomorrow.  

There's that gorgeous aqua paint!

Tomorrow is a full on work day again~

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 4 of Aloha camper reno

No work done on the camper today, except for me filling in some staple holes with putty to get ready for painting.

But, I did go shopping at Big Lots, Dollar Tree and some thrift stores!  Here's my good finds.

All the items in the above photo are from Dollar Tree! 

Gonna look so cute!  
The word on the block is that this camper may be for sale when it's finished!